A Survey of Differences in Attitudes toward Dental Implants between Sexes in Japan


Abstract This study used a questionnaire to assess the differences in responses toward dental implants between sexes and identify all the information that should be provided to patients prior to dental implant treatment. A total of 4,512 questionnaires were distributed among patients visiting the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital for oral implants between January 2012 and December 2014. Of these, 2,972 questionnaires (66% of total questionnaires) were considered suitable for analysis. The study included 856 male and 2,116 female patients. With regard to reason of opting for dental implant treatment, males selected the “chewing ability” and females selected the “feeling of disgust associated with dentures.” The main concerns associated with the therapy among females were “post-surgical complications” and “pain after surgery.” There were differences pertaining to the purpose of the therapy between males and females. The results of this study suggest that it is essential to provide accurate and sufficient information to patients when collecting informed consent prior to treatment.


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